Delivering disinfected mails depending on destination e-mail address.

Ryan Dlugosz ryan at DLUGOSZ.NET
Tue May 21 16:57:42 IST 2002

For this special case you could easily use a procmail recipe that will
send virus-laden emails (using the {Virus?} subject tag) to /dev/null or
some garbage folder.

Marc Perea said:
> Hi to all.
> I'm going to describe a real scenario, I think there's no way to solve
> it with the current mailscanner version, so may be Julian could add
> this feature to a next version, or someone could tell me one good
> solution that does not depend on mailscanner.
> Of the dozens of e-mail aliases we have, there's one that is used to
> put it on all our websites as a "contact at", therefore, it's
> targeted by all Virus and worms on the wild. So this mail alias gets
> hundreds of viruses per day. What I want to do is applying the below
> configuration option, but based on destination e-mail address, so the
> "contact at" doesn't recieve the disinfected mails, but all the
> other aliases still recieves them.
> # Once we have removed viruses from an email message and replaced them
> with # VirusWarning.txt attachments, should we deliver the clean result
> to the # original recipients (or just delete them if "no")?
> Deliver To Recipients = yes
> Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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