Where is VirusWarning.txt?

Daniel Leavitt dll at SCITOOLS.COM
Tue May 21 15:44:10 IST 2002

I tried to submit a message twice but it was rejected apparently because
of the offending html in my reply, even though it was in comments the
second time.  I got this message from Antigen at skywalker.sdsu.edu in
response to my submittal:

> -----
> Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with VIRUS=
> (CA(Vet),CA(InoculateIT)) worm.
> The message is currently Purged.  The message, "     Re: Where is
> VirusWarning.txt?", was
> sent from Daniel Leavitt  and was discovered in SMTP Messages\Inbound
> located at SDSU Foundation/SDSU_FOUNDATION/MAIL.
> -----

Anyway, this is what showed up with the "View Source" function with the
html and iframe tags mangled so they wouldn't be recognized as anything

> <H_T_M_L><P><B><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="red">Warning: </FONT>This
> message has had one or more attachments removed. Please read the
> VirusWarning.txt" attachment(s) for more information.</B><BR></P>
> <i_f_r_a_m_e src=cid:W60650ZWb height=0 width=0>
> </i_f_r_a_m_e>
> <FONT></FONT></BODY></H_T_M_L>

Again, any ideas?


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