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Am I missing something in my config or did I not read the instructions

If "somebody" sends one of my users a copy of Klez, my mailscanner/sophos
setup spots the virus and kills it.
However, I as postmaster get a warning message, but my user doesn't. Is this

"The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:

   Sender: <shireenshaikh at>
Recipient: <gill at>
  Subject: Topicsearch, or search
MessageID: g4I9Kie04966
   Report: >>> Virus 'W32/Klez-G' found in file ./g4I9Kie04966/class.exe

Email Virus Scanner"

Can I send this message to my user as well?


Martyn Routley

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Thats what i currently do. I Use a linux box with slackware and
access/mailertable combo to retreive all mail and then forward it to the
appropriate server.
Works like a champ :)

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Very interesting...

I am getting ready to do the same thing for a Novell Groupwise server (which
is irrelevant, as long as the MTA can talk SMTP). Your MX / FW combo is an
interesting trick I had not thought of.

What do you think of the idea of using mailertable (in sendmail) instead? It
seems to be designed for this purpose and avoids the "try highest MX and hit
the firewall" phase.

My tests show that mail is scanned properly and then forwarded to the MTA of
my choice, but I have to add the disclaimer that the system has not entered
production yet.
Francois Caen
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City of Lakewood, WA
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        It's a trick I've employed for the past year with an NTMail server,
and it
works perfectly.
Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager

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