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Julian Field jkf at
Fri May 17 19:46:56 IST 2002

The advantage of my version is that it cannot fail (due to misconfiuration
or any other problem) into a mode where mail is not scanned. Robustness is
very important when it comes to email.

At 19:25 17/05/2002, you wrote:
>Very interesting...
>I am getting ready to do the same thing for a Novell Groupwise server
>(which is irrelevant, as long as the MTA can talk SMTP). Your MX / FW
>combo is an interesting trick I had not thought of.
>What do you think of the idea of using mailertable (in sendmail) instead?
>It seems to be designed for this purpose and avoids the "try highest MX
>and hit the firewall" phase.
>My tests show that mail is scanned properly and then forwarded to the MTA
>of my choice, but I have to add the disclaimer that the system has not
>entered production yet.
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>From: jkf at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK
>         It's a trick I've employed for the past year with an NTMail
> server, and it
>works perfectly.
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