Problem with FaxSav uuencoded messages

Christian Lasprilla christianlasprilla at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri May 17 19:20:20 IST 2002

Helo List!

FaxSav (email to Fax / desktop to Fax) sends user's messages to "Fax
servers" as uuencoded mails.

We have

 Scan All Messages = yes

Mailscanner is converting uuencoded message into multipart MIME messages
for virus scanning and sending messages like that (multipart MIME). FaxSav
servers seem to be waiting for uuencoded data like:

begin ###

so, the Faxes are being received by final recipients as Fax pages with:

The following is a multipart MIME message wich was extracted from a
uuencoded message

Is there any way to make MailScanner reconvert the message to uuencoded
after virus scan for final delivery?

We appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Christian Lasprilla
christianlasprilla at

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