scanning of messages received using fetchmail - followup

Rajesh Fowkar rajesh-shriram at GMX.NET
Thu May 16 17:03:36 IST 2002

On 15/05/02 at 11:51 - Peter Peters said in public:
>On Wed, 15 May 2002 20:28:19 +0000, you wrote:
>>>Have you changed mailscanner.conf to show the correct postmaster
>>># Set email address of who to notify about any infections found.
>>># Should put your full domain name here too,
>>>#    e.g. postmaster at
>>>Local Postmaster = postmaster at
>>If I change my local domain from debian.home to say than
>>yes the mail will be sent as From : postmaster at which will go
>>through. However any mail sent to will be returned back
>>since I will be specifying as the local domain :-). See that
>>also I cannot do. Somehow any way there to specify From : address as say
>>rajesh at, since if that person replies to my mail than I will
>>receive his reply.
>Just change "Local Postmaster" to rajesh at You get the
>messages from mailscanner on that address and recipients who reply will
>also send the message to you.

Anyway I will now have to do that. So those warning mails which are supposed to be
delivered to the local box now will go to rajesh at and come
back again. It would have been a nice feature for people like me to specify
two email id's as postmaster :

1. for Local postmaster.
   ( The From: address here will be postmaster at debian.home in my case )
2. for Outgoing warning sent to the actual sender of virus.
   ( The From: address here will be rajesh at in my case ).

Thus in case one mails won't go to the isp server and come back. Say If I
receive around 20 such mails with viruses than all those warning mails
which are suppossed to go to local box will go to rajesh at
However the second case will work without problem.

Thanks a lot for all the help.


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