ANNOUNCE: Version 3.14-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Tue May 14 10:36:15 IST 2002

I've just released MailScanner Version 3.14.

Changes for this version are:

  - Implemented per-user and per-domain control of what to do with spam
  - Added "Subject:" line modification for viruses, same as for spam
  - SpamAssassin report now also includes names of successful tests

  - Infected "multipart/alternative" messages are converted to
"multipart/mixed" so that virus warning can always be seen.
  - Files which pass the filename rules are now logged
  - Added section about "exim_tidydb" command to Exim docs
  - File "" can now be a copy of Exim domain map file
  - Added ".scr" to supplied list of banned filename extensions
  - Added another FAQ (12) about settings for high-volume mail servers

  - Fixed tainting bug in ClearOutQueue()
  - Made documentation stylesheet a local file
  - Fixed handling of "Return-Path:" header
  - Fixed case sensitivity bug in local domains file
  - Fixed bug in Sophos autoupdate to account for new "vdl" filename
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