ANNOUNCE: Version 3.14-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Wed May 15 13:48:10 IST 2002

At 12:56 15/05/2002, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
> > I've just released MailScanner Version 3.14.
>Can I make a suggestion for some future release? In the bin directory,
>instead of having a symbolic link to the solaris version in the
>distribution, what about having e.g. tnef as a shell script containing
>exec $0.`uname` $*
>and then having tnef.Linux and tnef.SunOS ? That way, peeps wouldn't have
>to fiddle with the links for the programs. I would think something similar
>could deal with the platform specifics in the conf file (only the path at a
>quick glance?)

Good idea. Hadn't thought of doing that. Will increase the load a bit
though as a shell will have to be started, whereas currently it is just
exec'd from MailScanner with no startup overhead.

The platform specifics in the conf file will be dealt with by the autoconf
installer that Nick's working on.
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