ANNOUNCE: Version 3.14-1 released

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Wed May 15 12:56:09 IST 2002

Hi Julian et al,

Julian Field wrote:
> I've just released MailScanner Version 3.14.

Can I make a suggestion for some future release? In the bin directory,
instead of having a symbolic link to the solaris version in the
distribution, what about having e.g. tnef as a shell script containing

exec $0.`uname` $*

and then having tnef.Linux and tnef.SunOS ? That way, peeps wouldn't have
to fiddle with the links for the programs. I would think something similar
could deal with the platform specifics in the conf file (only the path at a
quick glance?)

Apologies if you considered this in the past and decided it was a bad

Just a thought which might make installation easier for some?



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