Mailscanner not scanning attatchments

Support support at IQUEST.UCSB.EDU
Tue May 14 17:01:20 IST 2002


  I edited the filename.rules.conf file and found out that it had some bad
tabs in it.  When I did that and sent an executable by email it worked!.
But I did the same thing today, after no changes to the configuration, and
it's not working again.  where is the log for mailscanner again??


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On Mon, 13 May 2002 17:16:33 +0100, you wrote:

>I edited the filename.rules.conf to not allow .exe files...

Have you also edited the mailscanner.conf file to point to the correct
Filename Rules     = /opt/mailscanner/etc/filename.rules.conf

>if I do need some virus scanner to do this. I'd like to just use some
>freebie one.

We are testing f-prot and it works as a charme. We stopped the test
however because on the test machine we seemed to lose messages. We want
to investigate that first.

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