Clarification on use of Sophos

Nick Phillips nwp at LEMON-COMPUTING.COM
Tue May 14 03:36:35 IST 2002

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 09:52:45PM -0300, Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy wrote:
> Brian;
> As far as I know, MailScanner calls the virus scanning engine which you
> must have.

You can just set the scanner to "none"...

> Yesterday I ran
> across an open source scanner, not java based as is the other one (see
> ). It's called "CALM" and shows real promise (
> <>  ).

Heh. I saw someone shouting great things about being able to use this with
Amavis to get a "COMPLETELY UNENCUMBERED" (yup, they shouted ;) email AV
system. Then I saw someone had run a test of Clam on their stored
virus-infected mail and it missed a few, uh, important ones - Magistr, for
example. But do let us know when one of them actually works.

> I'm sure you'll gets lots of mail to this question. I just wanted to
> take the chance to point out the news in open source scanners.

The real news will be when they're worth using. I'm looking forward to
it, but not holding my breath.



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