Clarification on use of Sophos

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Tue May 14 01:52:45 IST 2002


As far as I know, MailScanner calls the virus scanning engine which you
must have. Sophos is one of them. Another good one is f-prot which seems
to have a very reasonable licensing price per server. Yesterday I ran
across an open source scanner, not java based as is the other one (see ). It's called "CALM" and shows real promise (
<>  ). It uses the open
source virus definition database.  Now, MailScanner does not work with
it right now and the developer team would like volunteers to test free
scanners to see if it's worth it to include them. A good, reliable
scanner is very, very important.

I'm sure you'll gets lots of mail to this question. I just wanted to
take the chance to point out the news in open source scanners.


Brian Parish wrote:

>I have just installed MailScanner, so this is a question which can
>probably be handled by saying RTFM.  Anyway, can someone clarify for me
>the role that Sophos plays?  I suspect that without it, MailScanner can
>be configured to strip attachments that seem to be executables, vbs
>etc., but not to recognise virus signatures within these attachments.
>Is that correct? i.e. Is MailScanner alone an effective virus/worm
>control mechanism if all suspect attachment types are stripped?

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