Mailscanner not scanning attatchments

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Mon May 13 20:32:52 IST 2002

yes i believe Ive tabbed them.

ill try not printing to the log or email and just the rule itself

If that doesn't work, does anyone have another suggestion?


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Have you read the comment at the top of that file which says that the 4
fields of each line should be separated by **TAB** characters and not just

At 17:16 13/05/2002, you wrote:
>   I just installed mailscanner from rpm on a RH7.2/sendmail 8.12 machine.
>I edited the filename.rules.conf to not allow .exe files...
># my rule for not allowing .exe files
>deny     \.exe$     Deny .exe files        Executables are not allowed thru
>this server
>I restarted both sendmail and mailscanner but it still lets them thru.
>Virus scanning is on but I don't have sophos installed. (hmm that might be
>the problem????)
>if I do need some virus scanner to do this. I'd like to just use some
>freebie one.
>Is there anything else that I need to do????
>Also this is the only thing i want mailscanner to do at this moment. Do I
>need virus scanning to be turned on to do this.

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