scanning of messages received using fetchmail

Jos Lemmerling jos at LEMMERLING.NET
Sun May 12 12:44:12 IST 2002

On Sun, 12 May 2002, Nick Phillips wrote:

> On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 12:35:42AM +0000, Rajesh Fowkar wrote:
> > I am using procmail too. Hence I have got the following in /etc/fetchmailrc
> >
> > mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d %s"
> Which means that *instead* of passing mail to port 25 for delivery, it passes
> it to procmail. So sendmail is not involved, and neither is mailscanner.
> So just don't tell fetchmail to use procmail. By default it will pass it
> to port 25...

wow... i've never known this... And sendmail passes it to procmail by
default? (i know exim does)


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