Where do you RBL

Freerk Kalsbeek freerk at MINDSWITCH.NET
Fri May 10 23:07:05 IST 2002


I do RBL elimination in Sendmail. The reason is that I want to eliminate
spam as  far as possible, not oly tagging it as spam.
A lot of 'tagged' spam can be false positives, but mail from open relays can
safely be eliminated. Normal users use SMTP servers from there ISP's which
usually are closed.

In spamassassin mail only get's tagged.


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Francois Caen
Verzonden: vrijdag 10 mei 2002 23:24
Onderwerp: Where do you RBL

On my quest to kill spam, I am finding out that you can check an RBL at 3

- MTA (Feature(dnsbl...) in Sendmail
- Mailscanner
- SpamAssassin

Where do you check an RBL from? And why?
I would think SpamAssassin is best because it adds up to the scoring system
do you agree?


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