Removal of Embedded Images

Wolfgang Lumpp wolfgang.lumpp at GMX.NET
Fri May 10 19:09:57 IST 2002

> I finally tracked this down.  It is being done by the latest release of
> SquirrelMail, a webmail server.  This is an excellent package but I
> don't agree with this change.  They didn't make it a's
> hard coded into their new release and I don't like it.  I also didn't
> see it listed in their changelog?
Since few days I also work with squirrelmail.
I was also surprised about the removed images. But I normaly delete the
html-mails directly (mostly spam). So I saw this "problem" a little bit
late ;-)Probably its the feature named "Increased security in html message" in the
changelog. Let's see, if we can downgrade this.Nice feature :-(



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