setup for Sophos autoupdate?

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at COLBY.EDU
Thu May 9 19:44:01 IST 2002


   I can't figure out why autoupdate won't go (error: Could not calculate
Sophos version number), and I wonder if I have my directories and executable
placement correct.  I have Sophos SAVI 3.57x installed.  The directory/file
structure for my /opt/sophos looks like:

(91)> ls -CFR
bin/  ide@  lib/  man/  sav/  src/

autoupdate*      icheckd*         sweep*     sophoswrapper*

./lib: *

man1/  man5/

icheckd.1   sweep.1


vdl-3.57x.dat   vdl.dat@

The ide symlink points to the sav directory (I put it there, trying to get
autoupdate to go).  My reading of the Sophos docs say that the ide files
in the updates need to end up in the same directory as the dat file
(directory sav).  What do I set the following code variables to?

$SophosRoot = "/opt/sophos";
$IDELink    = "/opt/sophos/ide";
$VDLDir     = "../lib";

What is wrong?

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