"notify recipient" vs "deliver to recipient"?

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at COLBY.EDU
Thu May 9 17:12:28 IST 2002


  I presently have the following settings in my mailscanner.conf file:

Deliver To Recipients = no
Deliver From Local Domains = no
Notify Senders = no
Notify Local Postmaster = yes
Postmaster Gets Full Headers = yes
Deliver Disinfected Files = no

Basically the users don't see anything if infected, just the postmaster.
There is desire in my user community to have the recipient get notification,
like the postmaster does, when a virus has been punted on their behalf.
No delivery, just notification.  This would be a good idea; it lets
the users know that:

a) the message they were looking for *was* sent, just not delivered
   because of infection, or

b) mailscanner is on the job and doing good work for them (a plug
   for mailscanner).

Can I do this now?  Maybe next edition?

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