RedHat Linux RPM installation

Volčko Vladimír vvolcko at CSAS.CZ
Thu May 9 11:33:16 IST 2002

Good day!!
  I am trying to install MailScanner (RedHat Linux RPM package version
3.13-2) on RH 7.2 now. During rpm instalation
I get one error message:

*** error: unterminated C<...> at line 143 in file Mail/ (... propably
some perl mistake)

...then installation process continue.
After installing Sophos, when I am trying start MailScaner
(/etc/rc.d/inid.d/mailscanner start) nothing has been done (none submission
daemon on 587 port).
Have anybody idea whats wrong?
                                        with regard Vladimir Volcko

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