Jonothon Ortiz (Xnext, Inc) jon at XNEXT.COM
Thu May 9 04:51:06 IST 2002

At 07:23 PM 5/8/2002 -0400, brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU wrote:
>Has anyone made any modifications to Mailscanner yet forward a copy of
>the postmaster warning message to the postmaster in the domain of the
>sending machine?  Or is this a bad idea of attempting?

While an excellent idea, there needs to be some method for either preventing
our end from unadvertently spamming the other end; usually one or two
reports will do it if it's hosted on a small company but I do admit that
with cases like Verizon flood mail would probably help.

Maybe set up a log to keep track of senders and how many times they have
sent, and when their abuse/sysadmins have been notified X number of times?

feh; if I knew more c/perl I'd take up the mod challenge to do it but alas,
web code is my strength =( but from what I do now I do know such a solution
would be time consuming.

Alas, I have rambled ;p but I do vote "yes" to add this in the future.

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