Virus Klez.H and McAfee

Freerk Kalsbeek freerk at MINDSWITCH.NET
Wed May 8 12:48:43 IST 2002


I've seen a similar problem here.
Klez is also detected in my setup with Sophos. I receive an HTML formatted
email indicating that I can read details in the attachment virusalert.txt,
but the attachment is not there.

Any clues?


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> Antonio Coloma
> Verzonden: woensdag 8 mei 2002 13:20
> Onderwerp: Virus Klez.H and McAfee
> Hi everybody!
> I have Mailscanner Working with McAfee VirScan, and when it detects Klez.H
> worm, the virus is deleted but the message "without the virus"
> delivered to
> the user cannot be "viewed" with Outlook 2000. Outlook crashes ....
>  Do somebody know why is this happening?
>   Thanx a lot!

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