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Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Tue May 7 01:56:06 IST 2002

This may be too obvious and you must have looked at this, but just the
same: are you sure you have the 2 instances of SendMail running? Is the
instance that delivers locally waiting for thousands to que up or does
it deliver at once?

Kelly Hamlin wrote:

>Its not directly mailscanner related but im hoping someone has a clue..
>we had a drive crash and i was to dumb to have a current backup. I
>reinstalled from scratch slackware 8.0 and got everything installed/tested.
>Sophos - tested and working..
>Mailscanner -  is scanning the messages and putting them in the mqueue dir
>like its supposed to do.
>The problem im having is, it seems as if sendmail isnt even trying to
>deliver those messages. They just keep backing up in that directory. Im at a
>loss as to what the problem is. I Installed all the modules i was supposed
>to, i have permissions and what not the way they are supposed to (i think)
>but i still would think any of those would have any affect on sendmail
>sending its queue.
>any idea, clues would be most helpfull as ive been working on this for the
>past 5 hours..
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