found to be clean when not scanned

Julian Field jkf at
Mon May 6 16:09:02 IST 2002

At 15:20 06/05/2002, you wrote:
>To test MailScanner off-line I duplicate all mail me to an address in
>the domain
>The relevant parts (I think) of mailscanner.conf are
>Mail Header = X-MailScanner:
>Virus Scanning     = yes
>Virus Scanner      = f-prot
>Sweep = /opt/f-prot/f-protwrapper
>Scan All Messages = yes
>Scanning By Domain = yes
>Domains To Scan = /opt/mailscanner/etc/
>Sign Unscanned Messages = no
>In /opt/mailscanner/etc/ I don't include
> So when I send a message to address at I
>don't expect an X-MailScanner: header to appear. But it does with the
>text "Found to be clean". For the recipient it looks as if the mail is
>scanned and no virus was detected.

But is the domain you are sending *from* in

>In the maillog I see
>May  6 15:31:47 netlx803 mailscanner[20465]: Forwarding 1 clean
>messages, 27328 bytes
>When I include I get
>May  6 16:11:51 netlx803 mailscanner[20666]: Scanning 1 messages, 4174
>May  6 16:11:51 netlx803 mailscanner[20666]: Scanned 1 messages, 4174
>bytes in 0 seconds
>And ofcourse with an X-MailScanner: header.
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