found to be clean when not scanned

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at
Mon May 6 15:20:49 IST 2002

To test MailScanner off-line I duplicate all mail me to an address in
the domain

The relevant parts (I think) of mailscanner.conf are
Mail Header = X-MailScanner:
Virus Scanning     = yes
Virus Scanner      = f-prot
Sweep = /opt/f-prot/f-protwrapper
Scan All Messages = yes
Scanning By Domain = yes
Domains To Scan = /opt/mailscanner/etc/
Sign Unscanned Messages = no

In /opt/mailscanner/etc/ I don't include So when I send a message to address at I
don't expect an X-MailScanner: header to appear. But it does with the
text "Found to be clean". For the recipient it looks as if the mail is
scanned and no virus was detected.

In the maillog I see
May  6 15:31:47 netlx803 mailscanner[20465]: Forwarding 1 clean
messages, 27328 bytes

When I include I get
May  6 16:11:51 netlx803 mailscanner[20666]: Scanning 1 messages, 4174
May  6 16:11:51 netlx803 mailscanner[20666]: Scanned 1 messages, 4174
bytes in 0 seconds

And ofcourse with an X-MailScanner: header.

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