{SPAM?} Why are all messages tagged SPAM?

Willem Kuiters wkuiters at FREE.FR
Thu May 2 11:00:26 IST 2002

I installed Mailscanner some two months ago in combination with sophos and
it works fine. Thanks for the good work.

Now I want to use it in combination with spamassassin as well.

Here is the relevant section of my mailscanner.conf:

># Spam Detection
># Should the anti-spam checks be done on all incoming messages?
>Spam Checks = yes

># Set the name of the extra header to add to all messages found to be
># likely spam.
>Spam Header = X-MailScanner-SpamCheck:

># Do you want to put some text on the front of the subject line when
># we think it is spam?
>Spam Modify Subject = yes

># What text do we want to put on the front (gets followed by a " ")
>Spam Subject Text = {SPAM?}

># Do we have the SpamAssassin package installed?
># This is a very good, very clever heuristics-based spam checker.
># For more info and installation instructions, see http://spamassassin.taint.org/
>Use SpamAssassin = yes

># Set the list of database names and their corresponding DNS domains.
># All of these databases work in a similar way, allowing the simple use
># of multiple databases.
># See www.ordb.org and www.mail-abuse.org for more information.
>Spam List = ORDB-RBL, relays.ordb.org.
># MAPS now charge for their services, so you'll have to buy a contract before
># attempting to use the next 3 lines.

># Define a list of email addresses and email domains from whom you should
># always accept mail, and never mark it as spam. This is useful in case
># someone you correspond with a lot has their mail servers in the ORBS or
># MAPS lists.
>Spam White List = /etc/mailscanner/spam.whitelist.conf

Here is my spam.whitelist.conf

> This is a list of email addresses (with an @ sign in them) or entire email
> domains (without an @ sign in them) from which you will accept mail without
> ever marking it as spam.


I now get all my incoming mail, including mail coming from the domains
listed above, with the {SPAM?} tag on the subject line. I can, of course
de-activate the tagging in the mailscanner.conf file but the question
remains why Mailscanner seems to suspect all my mail to be spam.

The headers of my mail also display the line:

>X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: SpamAssasin (255 hits)

twice. Is this normal?

Thanks for any leads,


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