Any explanations gratefully recieved.

Julian Field jkf at
Sun Mar 24 13:15:44 GMT 2002

Can someone please send me a message (the qf file out of the message queue 
would be perfect) that suffers from this problem, so I can try to work out 
a solution to it. It depends critically on exactly how the break in the 
subject line is created in the file.

At 10:13 20/03/2002, you wrote:
>On 20 Mar 2002 at 11:00, Shane Kelly wrote:
> > I got a call from a user who reported a virus in an email - this is such an
> > unusual occurrence these days that I went personally to get the details.
> >
> > The following are the headers from the email, and the log entry 
> pertaining to
> > it. Any thoughts ?
> > SUBJECT: #_èr ,
> > ]m04UoY2©ð7<«C¯9O©zMbY6k
> >
> > mailscanner is a mail gateway with mailscanner/sophos installation, the 
> virus
> > reported was magistra.
> >
>See a previous thread on this:
>The headers of your message show that exactly the same virus and reasons that
>it was missed are involved.
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