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Jonothon Ortiz jon at XNEXT.COM
Wed Mar 20 20:46:33 GMT 2002

Quick Q for those who have had it work on the RaQ 4:

I've followed the steps listed in the ukraq site but when i run start on
mailscanner I get the following error:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/mailscanner start
Starting MailScanner: Directory /var/spool/mqueue/q(x) does not exist! at
/usr/local/MailScanner/bin/ line 60.

Now I know that directory exsists; and when I look in there I do find
folders q1, q2, q3, q4, etc. etc.. so I'm assuming the (x) is a variable
automatically replaced (or am I wrong?). Any ideas? :)

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sophos liscence is ridiculous, but the trial never expires (*cough*)
As far as hardware, i do about 30-45 thousand messages a day and my email
gateway is a 233 with 128 megs of ram. Works great :)

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  From: Steven Parsons
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  Ive just recently subscribed to this list to please forgive me if this
  has been asked - I was not able to find any faq's with this information.

  Im now running mailscanner - sopos (trial which I really like) and
  spam assassin.  Setup is catching about 95% of my spam im very
  impressed (just my own account right now).

  Say you wanted to implement this in a site on a large scale - what
  kind of HW are some of you using - Say to filter for example under
  a million messages daily.  Also in my above scenario would I only
  have to worry about licensing sopho's to be legal ?

  I appreciate any information or pointers anyone can give. Im looking
  to deploy this on a big scale as so far it looks like the most cost
  effective & efficient .


  Steven B. Parsons
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