Microsloth security update worm not being caught!

David Fry david.fry at ifrsys.com
Wed Mar 6 22:38:10 GMT 2002

Has anyone else noticed an issue with the W32.Gibe at mm worm NOT being caught
by Sophos and Mailscanner??

I just saw it pass through my mail gateway twice in the last few minutes
with nary an alert.  My sophos ide's were updated as soon as the W32.Gibe
definitions came out & yet it got through the scanner.  I am rather shocked
this happened.  The Sophos/Mailscanner combo has been superb up to this
point ... we are in an evaluation process & I am looking for an explanation
as to why it got through.

Can anyone provide a clue for me??

Thank you in advance for your help!


David Fry
IFR Systems

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