Large queues

Nick Phillips nwp at LEMON-COMPUTING.COM
Tue Mar 5 23:50:49 GMT 2002

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 11:52:18AM -0600, Youn Gonzales wrote:
> we are now running (2) dual XEON 733 boxes with 1G RAM and under a heavy load they are barely keeping up. we would also be happy to help beta test the code and work through these issues. we also have Deliver In Background set to yes and Delivery Mode set to queue.

This is one of the things occupying my mailscanner "to-do" list... the
packaging/install is the other main one.

If all goes according to plan I'll be working on it over the next few
weeks (no "real work" to do for a little while).

So I may be back to ask you guys for help/testing in a while. I need to
get back into the swing of things first (and get my head around everything
that's changed in the last month or so).



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