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Most of this is done by MTAs already.  You just have to parse the log
file.  I  have a cron job that runs a script that parses out stuff such
as sender, receiver, sending host, receiving host, hosts rejected due to
RBL, hosts rejected due to local blacklists.  We don't care about what
people are talking about that's what Carnivore and the FBI are for.

You know there could be other scripts out there that would do all this

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I don't know if these features are available in others tools, I was
searching for things like "mail audit" in google and found an article
about CPAN Mail::Audit modules.

So what I did below is a kind of brainstorm about mail auditing features
that would be great to be found in MailScanner. I'm not able to make
this, so what I can do is asking for things like that to be in
MailScanner Wish List.

Mail Auditing Capability, is something like Mail Archive, but I thought
something like:

o  Mail Audit = no | incoming | outgoing | both

   Specify the direction of scanning of messages for auditing

o  Mail Audit Subject Text = {Mail Audit}

o  Mail Auditor  = Postmaster

   Specify the recipient of messages for auditing

o  Mail Audit Senders =

   Contains the domains or emails that we need to audit
   (it can be compared to altivore)

o  Mail Audit Recipients =

   Contains the domains or emails that we need to audit
   (it can be compared to altivore)

o  Mail Audit Content = enable | disable
o  Mail Audit Content Config =

   Contains the words or phrases that are considered unacceptable
   to business, it can help prevent privileged informations being
   shared outside of company.

o  Mail Audit Interval = 4h (CRON!? - cron.daily)

   messages would be processed in batch/background,
   and in lower priority

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