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Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Jun 28 12:20:54 IST 2002

Unfortunately the status command is the really hard one to do, it has to be
different for nearly everything since sendmail messes with "$0" in order to
make something "useful" appear in ps outputs.
So you may well have to tweak it for your system. Sorry, there's not much I
can do about that.

At 10:54 28/06/2002, you wrote:
>I have tried the mailscanner status command, but it always tells me
>outgoing mailscanner is not running.
> >From my little knowledge, I think it is the expression it is trying to
> match, which is not right for my redhat7.0 system, with sendmail 8.12-3.
>in a 'ps ax' I get a line:
>28439 ?        S      0:00 sendmail: Queue runner at 00:15:00 for
>so I would guess in the mailscnner script I need to change the line:
>pid=`ps ax | egrep '\[sendmail\]|sendmai[l] -q[0-9]*[mhd]'`
>pid=`ps ax | egrep 'sendmail\: Queue runner\@[0-9]*'`
>Am I missing something ?
>Declan Grady
>Crolly, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

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