Proper way to handle misidentifiedspamsite-wide?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jun 27 18:18:17 IST 2002

At 18:05 27/06/2002, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
> > You get the qf and df "mqueue" files so you can drop them straight
> > back into the queue if you actually want them to be delivered.
>Yes, but then looking through them to detect non-spam mistakes is then
>difficult, yes?  I've suddenly got a few hundred qf files to go checking
>subjects in -- there must be a better way?

grep -i subject: qf* | less

That isn't too hard, surely?

> > You can find most non-spam by just reading the subject lines, which
> > are contained in the qf files.
>This just seems odd to me.  It basically seems that doing any action other
>than "deliver" is just a problem.  If you do "delete", then you're going to
>lose some non-spams.  If you do "store" because you want to look through it
>for mistakes later, it seems that just trying to wade through the hundreds of
>qf files is such a pain as to not be worth it.

Personally, I don't use either "store" or "delete". I tag it and deliver it
all, leaving the users to filter it if they want to. My users hate the idea
of other people deciding for them. And with a multi-Gb network, bandwidth
for a bit of mail is hardly a problem :-)

However, I see your point, and I may do something about it in the next big
release, but that isn't going to be any time very soon. A feature for V4.
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