Proper way to handle misidentifiedspamsite-wide?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Thu Jun 27 18:05:42 IST 2002

Julian Field wrote:
> You get the qf and df "mqueue" files so you can drop them straight
> back into the queue if you actually want them to be delivered.

Yes, but then looking through them to detect non-spam mistakes is then
difficult, yes?  I've suddenly got a few hundred qf files to go checking
subjects in -- there must be a better way?

> Under European law you ain't supposed to be manually editing other
> people's mail, its an infringement of the Data Protection Act.

Well, it's pretty much MY mail.  Most of what I'm sending using "store" is
mail to various catch-all accounts plus some admin accounts.  Basically, it is
all "mine" -- or at least the company's and I have full rights to go looking
through it...

> You can find most non-spam by just reading the subject lines, which
> are contained in the qf files.

This just seems odd to me.  It basically seems that doing any action other
than "deliver" is just a problem.  If you do "delete", then you're going to
lose some non-spams.  If you do "store" because you want to look through it
for mistakes later, it seems that just trying to wade through the hundreds of
qf files is such a pain as to not be worth it.

Again, I'm surprised that people are doing this...  Hmmm...

> Again however, this is almost certainly a breach of the DPA.

Nope.  Not in this instance.

> Writing code in the full knowledge that it would break laws if used
> is rather shaky ground, and I don't really want to go there if I can
> avoid it.

Assuming that certain options, if used, must be illegal just seems incorrect
to me.  There are certainly many legal uses for what I was planning to do.
But, I understand your concern...

> I appreciate that many/most of you live outside the scope of these
> laws, but I don't and I'm the one producing the "package".

Agreed.  It is indeed your project and I therefore respect that.  I just see
legitimate uses for such features.  Especially when the process involved as it
is now seems almost worthless.  I feel like "deliver" is the only usable spam
option unless people are doing a lot of custom work with things that are

Of course, making it "easier" would then go against your concerns for the
DPA.  Even though what I was doing would certainly not be against it -- even
if I lived where it applied.  :)

Ok -- well -- I guess I'll stick with "deliver" for now and wade through it
that way.  :(

Thanks for your time and responses!

 - John...

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