ANNOUNCE: Version 3.21-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Jun 27 15:24:50 IST 2002

At 14:44 27/06/2002, you wrote:
>-- "Log Facility" configuration option so syslogs can be sent to somewhere
>other than the maillog.
>Will it automatically create a new file in the /var/log/? Or do we have to
>specify it in the mailscanner.conf file?

No, read your "man syslog.conf". Instead of "mail" you can now specify
something like "local0". Read about syslog "facilities" and you will
>-- "Notify Senders" configuration option now also accepts the value
>"local" so that only senders of viruses on your site are informed, not
>senders from outside your organisation.
>Darn, kinda liked both parties being informed.

Then continue using "Notify Senders = yes". The new bit is that you can
have "Notify Senders = local" so that it won't notify off-site senders, but
you don't have to use that feature if you don't want to.
>-- "High SpamAssassin Score" configuration option to set the minimum
>SpamAssassin score above which the "High Scoring Spam Action" setting
>-- "High Scoring Spam Action" configuration option to set the action
>applied to all messages whose SpamAssasssin score is greater than the "High
>SpamAssassin Score".
>-- "Sweep" no longer has to be defined if "virus scanner = none" or "virus
>scanning = off".
>-- SpamAssassin reports ending in newlines no longer cause broken qf files.
>-- Return-Path: header is now handled better.
>-- SpamAssassin reports should now never be empty.
>I cannot locate the SpamAssassin reports. where are they usually? Or will
>this new version you wrote create one in the /var/log/ directory?

The SpamAssassin reports are put in the SpamCheck header of each mail
message, inside "()" just after it says "SpamAssassin".
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