ANNOUNCE: Version 3.21-1 released

Matt Doherty Matthew_doherty at DATAWATCH.COM
Thu Jun 27 14:44:11 IST 2002

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  Subject: ANNOUNCE: Version 3.21-1 released

  I have just released version 3.21-1.

  New features and fixes are:

  -- "Log Facility" configuration option so syslogs can be sent to somewhere
  other than the maillog.

  Will it automatically create a new file in the /var/log/? Or do we have to
specify it in the mailscanner.conf file?

  -- "Notify Senders" configuration option now also accepts the value
  "local" so that only senders of viruses on your site are informed, not
  senders from outside your organisation.

  Darn, kinda liked both parties being informed.
  -- "High SpamAssassin Score" configuration option to set the minimum
  SpamAssassin score above which the "High Scoring Spam Action" setting
  -- "High Scoring Spam Action" configuration option to set the action
  applied to all messages whose SpamAssasssin score is greater than the
  SpamAssassin Score".

  -- "Sweep" no longer has to be defined if "virus scanner = none" or "virus
  scanning = off".
  -- SpamAssassin reports ending in newlines no longer cause broken qf
  -- Return-Path: header is now handled better.
  -- SpamAssassin reports should now never be empty.

  I cannot locate the SpamAssassin reports. where are they usually? Or will
this new version you wrote create one in the /var/log/ directory?

  Apart from minor fixes, this is probably going to be the last release for
  while. Nick and I really need to do a "re-write" job on it as it has long
  since outgrown its initial design.

  Download, as usual, from
  Julian Field Teaching Systems Manager
  jkf at Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
  Tel. 023 8059 2817 University of Southampton
  Southampton SO17 1BJ

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