not scanning outgoing email

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Tue Jun 25 14:56:33 IST 2002

According to the list of tests posted on SA's site, here's what these
tests are

header  HTML-only mail, with no text version  CTYPE_JUST_HTML  1.665  
rawbody  Includes a URL link to send an email  MAILTO_LINK  0.782  
header  Subject is all capitals  SUBJ_ALL_CAPS  -0.054  

Now the weird part is that this doesn't add up to 5.1.  If you have the
SpamAction set to the spam.actions.conf, I suggest having an entry to
store spam for your address to capture some.  The run spamassassin -t <
filename to see if the score is the same.  If the scoring is still the
same then post your findings to SA.  If not post them here.  Also if you
have compileNow() enabled, try disabling it since there used to be a bug
where it would cause false positives.

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Here's another one. The problem is usually the person is using HTML
content in their email. The subject was all caps (but only two letters)
and contained only HTML content.

>To: Shawn Boyce <shawn at>
>Subject: {SPAM?} JS...
>Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
>X-MailScanner: Found to be clean
>X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: SpamAssassin (score=5.1, required 5,
>X-UIDL: Y;`"!l09"!:+_"!?WG!!
>Status: U
>One other thing you can do in the page... &nbsp;In the body of the 
>page, you can add this:<br> <br>
>Please enable JavaScript.<br>
>To warn people who don't have it enabled. &nbsp;<br>
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Shawn Boyce wrote:

> Gerry Doris wrote:
>>> I'm having trouble with our outgoing email being tagged
>>> as SPAM!
>>> How do I configure mailscanner to not scan outgoing email using 
>>> spamassassin? I still want outgoing email scanned for viruses. I 
>>> didn't see anything in the FAQ.
>>> --
>>> Shawn Boyce
>>> QCOM, Inc.
>>> Quality Software is Our Business
>> Why does spamassassin think your mail is spam?  If it thinks you're 
>> sending spam then won't all the rest of us think you're sending it 
>> too?
> Good point. Luckily not everyone is using SpamAssassin yet!
> Here is the mail header on an email in which I replied to someone else

> in our company. The email was actually a reply to email which 
> contained a forwared email in it.
> X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: SpamAssassin (score=5.3, required 5, 
> Besides this one, I've also seen some other company emails being 
> marked as SPAM.
>> Gerry
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> Shawn Boyce
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