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Julian Field mailscanner at
Tue Jun 25 10:12:09 IST 2002

I think all you need do is set "Notify Senders = yes" and "Deliver From
Local Domain = no" and you should get what you want.

At 00:11 25/06/2002, you wrote:
>I use
>"Notify Senders = no"
>because I'm a little reluctant to send automated mail to someone outside
>our office (possibly a client).  For sensitive relationships I'd rather
>call the client and explain the problem personally, without implying
>that he or she did something stupid (even if he or she did something
>stupid).  At the same time, I have
>"Deliver From Local Domain = no"
>because I don't want an outsider to know that one of my users tried to
>send them something bad.
>With this arrangement, if one of my users sends a message with a virus,
>(or more likely, a message with a poorly named attachment") the message
>is deleted and only I, as the postmaster, receive a warning.  I guess
>what I would prefer is something like
>"Notify Senders = yes | no | local"
>so that my local users would know if their messages were not sent.  What
>do you think? If you think I'm being silly and I should just set "Notify
>Senders = yes", then say so!  I'm new to mailscanner, and I could be
>P.S. If I change a setting like this in mailscanner.conf do I have to
>restart mailscanner?

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