Notify Senders

Mark Nienberg mark at TIPPINGMAR.COM
Tue Jun 25 00:11:17 IST 2002

I use

"Notify Senders = no"

because I'm a little reluctant to send automated mail to someone outside
our office (possibly a client).  For sensitive relationships I'd rather
call the client and explain the problem personally, without implying
that he or she did something stupid (even if he or she did something
stupid).  At the same time, I have

"Deliver From Local Domain = no"

because I don't want an outsider to know that one of my users tried to
send them something bad.

With this arrangement, if one of my users sends a message with a virus,
(or more likely, a message with a poorly named attachment") the message
is deleted and only I, as the postmaster, receive a warning.  I guess
what I would prefer is something like

"Notify Senders = yes | no | local"

so that my local users would know if their messages were not sent.  What
do you think? If you think I'm being silly and I should just set "Notify
Senders = yes", then say so!  I'm new to mailscanner, and I could be

P.S. If I change a setting like this in mailscanner.conf do I have to
restart mailscanner?

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