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Lewis Bergman lbergman at abi.tconline.net
Mon Jun 24 13:16:50 IST 2002

> I use qmail but I don't have much coding experience...
> I would like to chat to anyone who is interested in using mailscanner
> for qmail.....
> Qmail is one of the most popular MTAs on the net.
You know the open source community sometimes just shoots itself in the foot.
People, if you can't code, pay some of these talented people who can to
impliment the changes you want. We have recently done this on a couple of
opensource projects. We pay the developers what they agree to be a fair price
and require nothing other than the functionality be included in the source.
We only ask this when we think the changes we want would be generally useful
to the community.

Open source doesn't mean a free lunch. If you want it, can't code it, pay for
it, and give it back. Everyone benefits.

The preceeding is not meant to get on any one in particular even though one
persons reply was used. The "idea" of the thread is what gets me.
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