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At 04:39 22/06/2002, you wrote:
>Can you make possible to have an option in mailscanner.conf to ajust
>the command sendmail -q[time] in /etc/init.d/mailscanner

Not easily, no, as then the init.d script would have to parse the whole of 
mailscanner.conf to find the value, which is a bit heavy for it.

>I'm always editing that file to ajust -q15m to -q1m, maybe not just me!

Personally I don't like setups that involve a -q1m, I feel there must be a 
better way. In the Installation FAQ, there are 2 notes about high-volume 
setups, have you looked at the 2nd one?

As a further option, how about a file /etc/sysconfig/mailscanner which is 
optional, but will be used for sendmail and mailscanner command-line 
options if it exists? That way you could put -q1m into the right line in 
that file and it would stay across versions. I would only supply a blank 
template, leaving you to add options if you want to.

>And if you make this available in maiscanner.conf, I will not need to
>do nothing when I upgrade the MailScanner (YOUR AMAZING AND GREAT TOOL)!
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