ANNOUNCE: Version 3.20-6 released

Kham Vue kvue at WADSNET.COM
Fri Jun 21 21:38:53 IST 2002

I upgraded from version 3.15-3 to 3.20-6 this afternoon.
I also installed SPAMASSASSIN.

Now my incoming emails will not send to users.

I stopped MailScanner and new incoming emails work, but the old incoming emails are
still in the
I checked the etc folder and my old mailscanner.conf file was not changed -- got

Two questions:
    1. How do I force the email server to send the old incoming emails?
    2. What happen?  Was it because I did not delete the old config file?

Kham Vue
Internet Admin
The City of Wadsworth
WADSNET.COM High Speed Internet Service
kvue at
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