MAILSCANNER: dave@ESI.COM.AU requested to join

L-Soft list server at JISCMAIL (1.8d) LISTSERV at JISCMAIL.AC.UK
Tue Jun 18 07:52:27 IST 2002

Tue, 18 Jun 2002 07:52:27

A  request to  join the  MAILSCANNER JISCmail  list (MailScanner  mailing
list) has been received from Dave Horsfall <dave at ESI.COM.AU>

You   can,  at   your   discretion,  send   the   following  command   to
jiscmail at JISCMAIL.AC.UK to add this person to the JISCmail list:

              add MAILSCANNER dave at ESI.COM.AU Dave Horsfall

PS: In  order to  facilitate the  task, this  message has  been specially
formatted   so   that   you   only   need   to   forward   it   back   to
jiscmail at JISCMAIL.AC.UK  and  fill in  the  password  below to  have  the
command executed. Note that while  the formats produced by the forwarding
function of most mail packages  are supported, replying will seldom work,
so make sure to forward and not reply.


ADD MAILSCANNER dave at ESI.COM.AU Dave Horsfall
// EOJ

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