F-Prot Update Script Available

Tan Siew Wu siewwu.tan at EDGEMATRIX.COM
Tue Jun 18 03:50:19 IST 2002

This is related to bash feature.  The script is using bash version 2
feature.  Bash version 1.xx will give this error.  If you are running
RedHat 6.x, check to see if you have both bash 1 and bash 2 on your system,
i.e. /bin/bash and /bin/bash2.

>When I run the f-prot update script I get:
>/usr/local/f-prot/check-updates.sh: ${HTTPRETURN:0:1}: bad substitution
>/usr/local/f-prot/check-updates.sh: [: integer expression expected
>before -ne
>                Nothing to be done...

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