Permanent white listing

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Jun 17 13:48:19 IST 2002

At 13:27 17/06/2002, you wrote:
>I had no problems at all for installing / configuring the whole stuff, mail
>processing throught MailScanner and Sophos is just fine (is there any way
>to test its efficiency with a file including a test virus signature ?).

Look at

>However, spam filtering doesn't work as expected. No matter the contents of
>a message, it gets always marked as "whitelisted" - and I'm not using any
>white listing. For example, these are the headers with a test spam sent
>from some external account :
>Accept Spam From =

Try commenting out all the "Accept Spam From" lines, rather than leaving
them blank. I suspect the configuration file reader is seeing that as 'any
network whose IP addresses match ""' which is all of them.

I'll change the behaviour of this line for the next release.
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