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Julian Field jkf at
Sat Jun 15 16:38:00 IST 2002

At 16:28 15/06/2002, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>At 16:01 15/06/2002, you wrote:
>>>Perhaps this is a SA list question, but the following
>>>header from a daily NY TImes mailing that is not usually marked
>>>as spam caught my attention with the score=-95.5 .
>>>Any clues on what the problem might be?
>>If an address is in the SA whitelist, it scores -100. MailScanner 2.30
>>supports the SA whitelist system, if you turn it on in mailscanner.conf.
>Do you mean "SpamAssassin Auto Whitelist = yes", which I did set given
>your remarks there.


>What I dont understand is
>at a score of -95.5 , why did it get marked {SPAM?} ?

Good point, I missed that, sorry.
It shouldn't have. The code is so simple it's ridiculous that it doesn't
always work on every version of Perl. Did you have the option switched on
to always include the SA header?
What exact version of Perl are you using? I've tried and tried to reproduce
this fault on any of my systems, but I still can't :-(

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