ANNOUNCE: Version 3.20-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Fri Jun 14 14:30:23 IST 2002

Hi folks,

It's release time again.
Loads of goodies for you all in this new version :-)
As usual, you can download it from


-- Moved McAfee support from "mcafee" directory to "uvscan" to make McAfee
installation simpler
-- Added configuration option to control logging of spam messages
-- Added configuration option to control compilation of SpamAssassin code
for speed
-- Added support for RBL lists that work by domain name rather than by IP
-- Added configuration option to list viruses that should be quietly
deleted without informing the sender or recipient. A good example is the
"Klez" worm
-- Added configuration option to allow the "VirusWarning.txt" message to be
inline or an attachment
-- Added configuration option to enable SpamAssassin's "auto-whitelist"
-- Added optional internal TNEF expansion using CPAN Perl Convert::TNEF module
-- Added support for Panda and RAV virus scanners, bringing total supported
to 10
-- Added a per-message timeout for the RBL checks
-- Added facility to quarantine copy of entire message as well as just
infected attachments

-- Many optimisations and speed improvements
-- Improvement to warning message placing in multipart/related messages
-- Updated version of MIME-tools module shipped and included
mime-tools-patch.txt from Bugtraq
-- RPM installation will automatically patch MIME-tools as it is installed
-- RPM installation will only install Perl modules that are not present or
need upgrading
-- RPM installation changed so upgrading should be easier now
-- Won't call SpamAssassin on every message when it doesn't need to
-- Added MIME scanning option to McAfee scanner command-line

-- Now requires at least Perl 5.005 due to bugs in previous versions of Perl
-- Signatures on clean messages can now have a space at the end of a line
-- Fixed bug (according to a user) in the Inoculan output parser. Not
verified yet.
-- Hopefully the "not spam" entries appear in the right messages now
-- Fixed bug where some unscanned messages were being marked as clean
-- Fixed bug where some "%" signs could disappear from Subject: headers
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