What is the cheapest Anti-virus for Solaris and MailScanner?

Tristan Rhodes Tristan at SUN.MARMOT.ORG
Thu Jun 13 23:43:06 IST 2002


I have been watching this mailing list for a while now, and I am very
excited to try MailScanner.  I have a few questions that can be easily

First, what is the cheapest anti-virus product that will run with
MailScanner on Solaris? (F-Prot is designed for Linux, and the tech didn't
think Solaris is validated with it.)

Second, what is the advantage of using Mailscanner and anti-virus product
over just a "made for email-server" antivirus product?  Is it a cheaper
solution?  (I understand that Mailscanner also does great SPAM filtering.)
My budget is almost non-existant for this project, so I wanted to find the
cheapest way to implement basic virus checking and SPAM filtering.

Thanks in advance,

Tristan Rhodes - System Operator
(970) 242-3331 x10
Marmot Library Network, Inc.

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