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Julian Field jkf at
Sun Jun 9 21:12:48 IST 2002

At 20:36 09/06/2002, you wrote:
>OK, I did that, I put the sophoswrapper script, like sweep, in
>/usr/local/bin and changed /etc/mailscanner.conf to use it instead of
>sweep.  I changed /etc/sav.conf to point to /usr/local/ide so that the
>sweep command when launched by me on the command line also takes the new
>ide files into account.  Next step is to link the autoupdate script to a
>procmail recipe so that it is launched upon warnings coming from Sophos
>Is all this OK or will I run into problems?

Why not just leave everything where I put it?
To install Sophos, put the downloaded .tar.Z file into, say, /tmp, then
         cd /tmp

You don't need to move *anything*. Put
         Sweep = /usr/local/Sophos/bin/sophoswrapper
into your mailscanner.conf file (which would normally be in
/usr/local/MailScanner/etc unless you've moved that too :-)

If you want to run autoupdate from a procmail recipe, that's fine, you can
run it whenever you like.
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