Exim help. Scan outgoing

Hancock, Scott HancockS at MORGANCO.COM
Wed Jun 5 21:54:41 IST 2002

Hello all,

Is anyone out there scanning both incoming smtp mail and outgoing smtp mail
with exim and mailscanner on the same server?

Mailscanner is working for incoming.. wait, this is my definition of

[internet]--->[exim-mailscanner on debian]-->[exim on debian host]

and this is my definition of outgoing.

[exim on debian host]-->[exim-mailscanner on debian]-->[internet]

My problem is how do I configure exim to know that mail from [exim on debian
host] is to be delivered to the non-local host the is the [internet] and not
the non-local host that is [exim on debian host].

This is the project goal.

[internet]--->[Firewall (smarthost)]-->[exim-mailscanner /

[exchange]-->[exim-mailscanner / debian]-->[Firewall

Obviously, I can scan incoming mail with the current setup but I'd like to
do both.  I believe my problems are in the exim.conf files for incoming and
outgoing.  I'm wondering if I can accomplish the above with only 2 exim
queues and one mailscanner.

exim_outgoing.conf is standard except for this entry in the Router section.

    driver = domainlist
    transport = remote_smtp
    route_list = * my.domain.com byname

I'm new to Exim and pretty green on MTA's in general for that matter.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

I'll be reading exim.org in the meantime.

Scott Hancock

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