Quick easy question i hope

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 5 16:07:42 IST 2002

At 16:01 05/06/2002, you wrote:
>in mailscanner.conf there is the part where you put Local Domains and you
>can point to a localdomains or a sendmail mailertable file, but what exactly
>is this used for as i have a *             smtp[bounce.domain.com]  to defer
>all bounced messages to another server. Will this cuse any problems if i
>point that to mailertable with that entry in there?
>just wondering what exactly its used for in mailscanner.

It is used by the "Deliver From Local Domains" feature. If there is a virus
in a message from any of the "Local Domains" then it won't send out any
virus warnings so you don't accidentally tell the rest of the world you
have a virus problem on your site (a lot of "corporates" like this feature,
as it saves face :-)
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